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Our Documentary "Unleash: The K9Force Story" is Out Now 

Discover the Power
of Schutzhund

Where dog training meets Schutzhund's. Our specialized program takes your companion on a transformative journey of obedience, protection, and tracking.

What Is Schutzhund

Schutzhund/IPO began in Germany in the 1900s as a test to identify and assess

qualities needed in a successful working dog. However, over time it evolved into a sport.

Translated from German, "Schutzhund" means protection dog, yet the name is

misleading since protection is just one of three tested disciplines. The sport also evaluates tracking and obedience.

Schutzhund doesn't teach dogs to protect owners, although it shares some skills 

that are taught in the police K9 training. Basically, it's a sport meant to assess a dog's mental stability, endurance, strength, work willingness, courage, and training ability.

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About Us

K9 Force Working Dog Club is a non-profit Schutzhund Club located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are a group of dedicated people who devote our time and effort to helping our members achieve their goals. Our club provides a training facility, programs and access to competitions.

K9 Force WDC promotes a safe, respectful, and friendly environment for our members. We focus on helping each other to improve and share knowledge. We celebrate everyone’s success as our own.



Tracking is all about testing a dog’s ability to not only scent but also about his ability to stay focused enough to follow the scent without distraction or frustration.  



The obedience work is of a high level that is designed to test the dog’s intelligence, desire to work and please its handler, its ability to take directions from its handler, and its ability to work under stress.

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Protection is designed to test the dog's confidence levels, and mental abilities when  put in a high, excited mode (or in high drive mode), so it is imperative that he is trained well enough and is responsive to handler commands.


1900 32 Ave NE

Calgary, AB, Canada T1X 0J2

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