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K9Force achievements are measured across an annual cycle that begins each January. This page describes our member individual achievements and the collaborative club achievements

2024 Achievements

2023 Achievements

2022 Achievements

2021 Achievements

2020 Achievements

2019 Achievements

We sunset with confidence that our vision for good continues on a bright horizon.  Here’s why:

The mandate was simple:  Listen to needs, identify and showcase examples of excellence, find resources and experiences to strengthen confidence, and build supportive and sustainable training environment . 
The approach was straight forward:  Convene stakeholders, catalyze and test new ideas, identify resources and best fit, and find the right partners to make it grow.
But what was needed most was something more elusive:  Trust, confidence, inspiration, and supportive environment– and you were part of the magic that made it work.

2018 Achievements

Once again, K9Force Team put up some great performances this year! More BHs and 3 new IPO1 titles! We completely dominated the Regional Sieger Show, not just supporting our Region with the highest amount of entries per club, but also promoting what we stand for- Team Work, Trust, Commitment, and Accountability for each other’s success.

2017 Achievements

The K9Force Team put up some great performances this year! With 9 total teams competing this meant that despite being a newest club in the Region, we were one of the highest performing clubs in the competition, if not the highest when you consider that 99% our members are completely new to the sport.

2016 Achievements

K9Force WDC opened its doors in March. So many  people came to check us out! We are delighted to see some of them stay and  progress to their main goal- trialing. Below is a list of the achievements our Teams have achieved in our short history

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